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chairman pic Dear Professional Colleagues,
As the saying goes, coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. And that is exactly the spirit which sways me as I humbly take over the baton of Uganda Chapter leadership with folded hands and address you for the first time as 2nd Chairman of the illustrious Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’ Chapter.
On a personal note, I wish to share with you that I have risen to this position from a simple down-to-earth beginning which had its own share of struggles. I owe whatever I am today to the hard training & learning experience which I got from my seniors and the love and support I got from fellow professionals.


For me the accountancy profession has been a very thoughtful and dynamic journey of excellence and enormous opportunities to serve the society. As I take my first step as a torchbearer in this glorious ongoing journey, I feel highly blessed by the Almighty, my family members and all my other well-wishers, particularly my colleagues in the Managing Committee. I am grateful to the immediate past Chairman CA. Rajesh Chaplot, whose able leadership and guidance gave me new experience, abilities and exposure to take on any critical challenges concerning the profession. I humbly bow to him in gratitude.

Serving as Chairman of the Chapter in these times of ever-increasing expectations and challenges is a daunting endeavour and task. But here I must mention that I am a firm believer in the adage that, ‘from those to whom much is given, much is desired’. And as such, I promise you to not let you down for expecting high from me. I will put all my strength to take forward the rich legacy of my predecessor.

Together We Can... I believe that decisions don’t happen in a vaccume and the best ones rarely come from deep pondering in isolation. They happen when we learn from and draw on experiences of others. In that respect, I invite you all to be part of our decision-making and delivery processes. Let’s work to instil in ourselves the culture of continuous improvement. If we see a way to do something better, let’s take initiative to point it out and share it with our entire professional community. The collective pursuit of continuous improvement is very powerful not only because it leads to performance gains but also because of its value in unifying a professional community as remotely spread and diverse as ours. This will further strengthen the sense of ‘US’. But in this endeavour there has to be a definite positive pattern with a deep understanding of how small improvements add up to make a difference over the time. Yes, together WE CAN.

Action Plan 2015: Moving Towards New Frontiers...
To me, the Chapter does not exist merely as a regulator but it exists as a facilitator to help you better yourselves and make you conquer new frontiers. Keeping that aspect of the Chapter in mind, I have articulated my ‘Action Plan 2015: Moving Towards New Frontiers’ combining the best interests of our profession, our members, and other allied stakeholders. This Action Plan symbolises my craving for new frontiers and aims at propelling the profession to the forefront of present day knowledge economy. Sky is indeed the limit, but my idea is to ‘Scale the Sky in quest of New Horizons’ and fast forward our tradition of excellence, integrity, ethics, independence and service to the Society.

In a nut shell, I would like to not only promote but also push up to the hilt the Chapter’s Mission that is: ‘The Indian Chartered Accountancy Profession will be the valued Trustees of World Class Financial Competencies, Good Governance and Competitiveness’. Moreover, I also wish to give this grand mission a social-human touch by creating shared value, shared purpose and shared goodwill in the society.
Let me take you on a conceptual tour of my Action Plan 2015:
Leadership and Influence: The first and foremost action point on my agenda is to firm up the Chapter in the position of a ubiquitous ‘Leadership and Influence’. I adore Mahatma Gandhi when he says that ‘leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.’ My vision of Chapter as a leader hinges on these thoughts. As such, I will aim for Chapter as a leader which shows the way to the members, and the society. To this effect, I will also foster closer coordination with our Institute in India, other regulatory authorities like CPA Uganda, URA, IBF, Ministry of Corporate Affairs & Ministry of Finance, media and other leading institutions.

Recognition: As our institute is committed to facilitate global partnerships and Mutual Recognition Agreements, making ICAI as a hub of valued Thought Leadership and bringing about greater integration of Indian accountancy profession with global imperatives. I will particularly work to have such a MRA with CPA Uganda and generate opportunities for our young CAs to take up careers in Uganda.

Clean Uganda. In line with our honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra bhai Modi’s desire we would like to run the campaign of “Clean Uganda” in partnership with Indian High Commission in Uganda. The details of which has already been shared by CA Dilip Bhandari. I request all the members to contribute generously both physically and monetarily for this noble cause.

Upcountry Members Empowerment: As more than 30% of the members reside outside Kampala I feel that we need a member to represent them so we decided to co-opt CA Ashok Kumar Mishra to empower the member residing in Upcountry.

Young Members Empowerment: With more and more of younger generation joining the professional fold, serving their cause will be high on my agenda. Pragmatic and multi-dimensional, our young members are forging uniquely effective career paths across various domains. They need practical pathways to success, which I wish to lay out for them. Special initiatives will be taken to help them. For promoting this cause we took CA Adinarayana as co-opted member.

Women Empowerment: Another high point on my Action Plan is ‘Women Empowerment’. I believe that modern woman is the powerhouse of immense untapped energy which needs to be channelled into our systems for the growth of our profession and economy. In this regard, among other initiatives, I have specifically co-opted CA Darshana Bhatia to help the managing committee to address on the needs of our lady members of the chapter.
I believe that actions speak louder than words. So let’s get to the task because although this action plan is arduous but achievable. Please go through the specifics of my Action Plan and feel free to share your views and help me implement this Plan in letter and spirit, for I believe that the more we collaborate, the more we achieve.
As I conclude my message, I leave you with these beautiful lines of Dr. Abdul Kalaam, wishing you all the best.

“ It is Very Easy to Defeat Someone, But it is Very Hard to Win Someone ”

Yours Truly
CA. Mohan Reddy Yadla
Chairman, Uganda (Kampala) Chapter of ICAI
Kampala, Uganda, February 21, 2015

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